field of work


For me, education is the key to development. According to global research figures, each additional year of compulsory schooling improves a student’s future income by 10%. But education is about more than increasing economic opportunities. Sustainable education programs promote, in addition to cognitive skills, emotional and social skills. Students who are in an environment where they can explore the world and make it their own, cope better in extracurricular areas and later in the workplace.


To me, decentralisation means working closely with people. During my work in Benin, I and the project team supported the leaders of local school authorities so they could solve educational issues. I believe that the public delivery of services like education or health improves when they are physically as close as possible to the target group. As McGinn & Welsh (1999) put it: 'The most effective governance of any organization occurs when authority for decision-making is located as close as possible to the site where action takes place.'